Power BI Quiz

Virtual Quiz Show

The Power BI Quiz is your chance to prove and test your knowledge on Power BI and maybe win the grand prize! Or be the lucky winner of the raffle prize(s)

We have a new exciting topic in every quiz and everyone is welcome to join and participate. It’s fun and you may actually get some learning out of it 😁

The show is broadcasted live on YouTube Wednesday’s at 8pm CET. Find the streams on: http://youtube.com/c/JustBlindbaek

Agenda for the show

  • Presentation of the guest and today’s topic
  • Introduction to Kahoot and the prizes
  • Kahoot Quiz including explanation of the answers
  • Announcing the winner!

Season 3 - every second Wednesday

  • Dec 2nd – Two Alex – Weird fringe knowledge
  • Dec 16th – Imke Feldmann – Do you know M?
  • Dec 30th – Markus Ehrenmüeller – Localization
  • Jan 13th – Darren Gosbell – DAX Studio
  • Jan 27th – Daniel Otykier – Tabular Editor
  • Feb 10th – Lukasz Pawlowski – Microsoft Teams
  • Feb 24th – Alberto Ferrari – Composite Models
  • Mar 10th – Chris Finland special
  • Mar 24th – Benni De Jagere – APIs and PowerShell
  • Apr 7th – Steve Campbell – Power Platform
  • April 14th – Announcing the season winner!
Every show is around 40 minutes.

Extra show - Power BI Summit edition

  • April 21th – Topic and guest to be revealed

View the results from season 1, 2 and 3