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Next Step Power BI Tabular model development

I’m co-presenting a full day training at SQLBits 2023 about how to switch from Power BI Desktop to Tabular Editor. Going from a Dataset to a real Tabular data model.

Tabular Editor is a tool for developing tabular data models (Power BI or Analysis Services). It allows the developer to be more productive by separating the model metadata and the actual data. This allows for scripting, multiselect editing and best practice analyzing. Since you are only working with metadata it allows for much easier integration with source control and DevOps.

The training day will help you transition from Power BI Desktop to Tabular Editor. You will be much more productive and will (optionally) be able to integrate data model development into DevOps processes. We will start by developing a simple data model and gradually introduce advanced data modelling techniques with the use of Tabular Editor.

Head over to to make your registration to this fantastic conference. And did you know that you can change your training day selection after registration? There are a total of 27 training days to select from.


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